What is TikTok’s Policy for Ad Creatives and Landing Pages?

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If you are looking to host ads on TikTok, your Ad creatives and Landing Pages must meet certain criteria.

What ad format and functionality is required?

Ad creatives must meet certain landing page requirements to be promoted on TikTok. For starters, ad creatives must direct users to functional landing pages. Landing pages that are expired, under construction, or erroneous are not permitted on TikTok. Additionally, the pages must be mobile friendly. Any page that automatically starts a download or requires the user to fill out additional information prior to accessing the main content of the landing page are not permitted on TikTok.

Can I link directly to the Google Play Store from TikTok Ads?

Yes, you can link directly to the Google Play Store from Tik Tok Ads.

Are Ad creatives & landing pages allowed to display products that are prohibited on the tik tok app itself?

No, Ad creatives & landing pages are NOT allowed to display products that are prohibited on the TikTok.

What Information is required for me to place on the landing pages for TikTok Ads?

  1. Contact information (e.g., phone number, email address, fax number (optional), etc.
  2. Name of the company
  3. Address of the company
  4. License for business (note: The business licensce cannot be forged, altered, rented, lent or transferred.)
  5. The price is shown in the native currency.
  6. Terms and conditions, shipping information.
  7. Privacy policy, Returns policy, and Refund policy.

Do I need to create a privacy policy for my TikTok ads landing page?

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Ads on TikTok must ensure that any personal information collected in the ad is handled securely and in compliance with local regulations, and that the privacy policy is accessible to anybody whose data is being collected and processed.

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