The Doordash Ad is Awesome. Here’s why.

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Written By zcorley

The TikTok Ads Expert

The doordash ad looks like UGC. It’s not polished. It doesn’t look like an ad. That’s a plus. That’s one of the fundamental ideas of making a blipvert.

It has an IMMEDIATE hook. “I wanna show you how I was able to afford Airpod pros in 48 hrs with nothing.” That grabs your attention. More specifically, it grabs the attention of the people that Doordash wants to attract: people who have nothing but want a quick way to earn some money.


Next he gives explicit instruction of the exact behavior he wants the audience to emulate. It’s a story and it tells the viewer “what you’re gonna want to do.” Explicit instructions. Tell them what they want to do and how to do it. Go here and download the app. Answer a few questions.

Then “we’re in!”. Now the viewer knows what to expect and sees a behind the scenes look at what you will see at the end of your hero’s journey. This blipvert is a 10 out of 10.