Revenue-Driven Video Production

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Video marketing is no longer optional.

It’s now essential in every digital marketing plan.

Since 2020, overall video consumption has increased significantly. According to Wistia’s status of video report for 2022, video consumption surpassed content creation in just one year.

It’s a new way of learning. If you’re not investing in video marketing, you’re going to lose to those who do. There’s no going back; we’ve adapted, and these landscape changes are here to stay. 

Katie Parkes of Shopify video talked about it recently.

Here are some of her take-aways:

  1. Good enough > High-end
    Good enough or “authentic” videos fare better on social media than high-quality videos. This also depends on your target market.
  2. Timely IRL production
    Save live-action production and greater production investment for a high-impact video with a high RIO.
  1. Frankenstein video is hot!
    Remote interviews combined with existing brand b-roll, social media video, or stock footage can be very effective when combined with attractive motion graphics. Style mixing adds intrigue to text.
  1. User-generated content is king.
    User-generated content (UGC) has exploded in popularity in the previous two years. This is all over YouTube and TikTok.
  1. Reusing Formats is a Good Thing
    If you haven’t already, you must start repurposing material. So you may maximize your production budget and gain valuable knowledge about your customers’ behavior.

What do you think of her tips? Is she on the mark?

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