Can I sell pets on Tik Tok?

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Tik Tok prohibits certain products and services from being sold on their platform. Some of you out there might be wondering, what about pets? In this article we will dive into the details of what you can and cannot sell on TikTok as it relates to pets and animals.

I’m short on money, can I sell my dog’s legs on TikTok?” asks Jane from WI

can i sell my dogs legs on tik tok

You can’t sell animal parts or Carcasses on TikTok.

Jane’s Dog Milo got in a boating accident and unfortunately they had to amputate his legs. the vet bills were so high she wanted to sell Milo’s severed legs on tik tok to cover the bills. Sorry Jane, that is not allowed!

“Can I sell exotic animal blood to hempphiliacs on Tik Tok? Asks Drey Culah, another one of our readers from Transilvania, RO.

Any blood, exotic or not is prohibited no matter the use. You can count on that, Sir Drey Culah.

A farmer by the name of Hector Lannibal asks “Can i sell the skin on animals on TikTok?”

That is a hard No. You cannot sell animal skins on Tik Tok, no exceptions. Although there may be some unforeseen exceptions such as leather products. we are reaching out to TikTok for an answer to this.

Can I sell animal entrails on Tik Tok?

God no, ( I hope you weren’t planning on selling entrails!)

Am I allowed to sell live animals on Tik Tok?

What Happened After 'Tiger King' - The New York Times

Any animals; wild, endangered, vulnerable, or exotic are prohibited from being sold on Tik Tok. Sorry Tiger King!

Are products derived from animal parts allowed?

If you’re still thinking of ways to profit of the sale of animal parts you’re barkin’ up the wrong tree. Animal products derived from animal parts such as bones, teeth, and fur are also prohibited.

Larry, a drone enthusiast and cat lover from sacramento CA asks:

Can I sell my Flying Cat Drones on TikTok?

While this is an interesting idea, Tik Tok does not condone the sale of animal carcasses, no matter how modified they are.

What things related to pets or animals can you sell on Tik Tok?

Products FOR animals (toys, clothes, collars, cages, food, blood transfusion devices, Cybernetic carcass modification kits *carcass not included* etc.) are permitted under the present terms. 

What pet services are allowed on TikTok?

​Pet services such as dog walking, pet care, pet cafes, pet grooming, training, etc. are permitted on TikTok

Can you put animals up for adoption on Tik Tok?

​Advertising content related to the adoption of animals is permitted for NGOs, NPOs, and animal shelters is also permitted on TikTok, but this is limited:

Are pedigree or purebred pets allowed to be advertised on TikTok?

The promotion, sale, or solicitation of or facilitation of access to: Adoption of pedigree or purebred pets is prohibited on Tik Tok.  ​Cross-breeding of pets is also prohibited. 

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