Blipverts is about short ads with huge impact.

The idea for blipverts comes from the 1980s: Max Headroom.

In 1987, A series called Max Headroom came out. In it, they debuted the idea of a Blipvert: packing an entire 30 second commercial into a split second.

People loved them! They weren’t an inconvenience. They were hugely profitable and effective.

The Blipverts only had one minor drawback: it caused the heads of fat people who watched them to explode. 🤯


From the Episode Synopsis:

With Theora’s help, Carter breaks into the R&D lab – on the hidden 13th floor! – of Network 23’s clandestine teenaged technical genius Bryce Lynch. There, he discovers a secret “Rebus tape” that shows how a new form of compressed commercial, a “blipvert,” designed by Lynch and exclusive to Network 23, causes extremely slothful viewers to explode.

Grossberg and most of the Network 23 board, driven by ratings and advertising revenue issues tied to their biggest advertiser, the powerful global corporation Zik-Zak, want the profitable and compelling blipverts to continue, despite the risk.

That’s our inspiration at Blipverts! We want to pack long and effective commercials into super short videos.

We want to do it to drive profits.

And we want heads to explode. 🤯

Interested in making heads Explode?